COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: April 9, 2020

Community Engagement

The coronavirus outbreak is challenging communities, relief organisations and healthcare systems throughout the world. Here is the latest update (as of April 9, 2020) on the actions Baxter Healthcare Ltd has taken to protect employees whilst also ensuring we are able to meet the critical needs of our customers and patients.

We would like to emphasise that during these unprecedented times Baxter stands ready to take every reasonable step possible to support our hospitals and healthcare partners over the weeks and months ahead. 

Since the emergence of COVID-19, we continue to take proactive measures to protect employee workplace safety, provide aid to healthcare providers and those affected by the pandemic, and to maintain global supply of our life-saving and life-sustaining products.

We are working closely with all relevant health organisations and authorities in Ireland to meet increased demand for Baxter products and services through inventory management and our pandemic preparations.

Maintaining Product Supply

  • Our global manufacturing operations continue to run at planned levels. We are proactively managing our inventory levels, stock levels in warehouses and transportation, so we can act quickly as the situation changes.   
  • In Ireland, we have seen increased demand for some products and are expecting this to continue in the coming weeks. We are working closely with the Critical Medicines Group and the Chief Pharmacist of Acute Hospitals Drugs Management programme in the HSE, and we understand they have communicated with all hospital pharmacists about responsible ordering so as not to disrupt the supply chain at this unprecedented time.  
  • Across our sites we continue to operate the highest levels of pandemic preparedness. We have recruited additional resource and have also redeployed employees into areas where they are needed most, to ensure that all our operations are able to continue as normal.
  • Out of hours, we have an on-call system covering Customer Service, Pharmacy and Warehouse staff, who can facilitate emergency deliveries.

    If you require assistance – please see below:

Customer Services Dublin - Home Dialysis 

If you are a patient or healthcare professional using our home dialysis service, please contact: +353 (0) 12065522                                                  

Email: [email protected]

Customer Services Dublin - OPAT 
For compounding orders and enquiries, please contact: +353 (0) 12065596
Customer Services Dublin - Compounding 
For compounding orders and enquiries, please contact: +353 (0) 12065596
Customer Services Dublin - Hospital

For orders and enquiries about Baxter products used in hospitals, please contact:  +353 (0) 12065505 / +353 (0) 12065570

Email: [email protected]

Customer Services Belfast - Hospital and Home Dialysis

For orders and enquiries about Baxter products used in hospitals and if you are a patient or healthcare professional using our home dialysis service, please contact:

+44 (0) 800 0280826 

Email: [email protected]

Technical Service

If you require technical support for a Baxter device such as our dialysis machines please contact: Tel: 1800 844421

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)  

Tel: 1800 259359

Water Treatment Technical Services & Prismaflex 24 hour Helpline

Tel: 1800 844450

Critical Support for Healthcare Providers

  • Our team is providing frontline assistance to healthcare providers as they manage the influx of critically ill patients requiring care. We are using virtual tools for training and individualised clinical support for our healthcare professionals.

Information for patients: Click here.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • PPE, such as gloves, masks and gowns, is in high demand by healthcare professionals and companies like Baxter. Ongoing provision of our products and services are dependent on use of PPE, and we are working to request that Baxter are also identified as priority users of these products. We are actively engaging with government contacts to expedite this as it is critical now for our homecare nursing provision. We are continuing to liaise with our suppliers to receive regular and sufficient supplies of PPE to ensure our teams can continue to work safely and effectively

Protecting Our Employees

  • We immediately activated our response plan to protect our employees’ health and safety across all Baxter facilities. Our plan follows the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization and includes steps such as symptom screening at building entrances, use of respiratory protection for key personnel, and restricting visitors at facilities. Our manufacturing employees continue to go above and beyond to help us continue to supply our life-sustaining products around the globe. Our existing flexible workplace policies have enabled our office and field-based employees to work remotely while maintaining business continuity. Business travel has been restricted. All Baxter sites are currently prepared to implement additional measures should the need arise.