Collaboration in Compounding

A collaborative role fuels employee experience

Chris Clarke, a quality systems specialist in Dublin, reflects on his new journey with Baxter

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Chris: I’ve always had a strong passion for the medical field because of the positive impact you can have on patients’ lives – it’s something that drives me and is why I studied pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences.

Q: How would you describe your role at Baxter?

Chris: I joined Baxter in February of 2021. I’m part of our Quality team and look after internal inspections of our compounding units in Ireland, which means I liase with the involved functions and departments – like engineering, production, microbiology, etc. – with a goal of continuously improving our work. I’m proud to be on the frontlines in helping ensure that the quality of products going to patients is exactly what it should be.  

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job?

Chris: There are a few things… but first, the collaboration. As I mentioned, I am always working with different parts of our company and everyone is approachable, helpful, and willing to work together. I also like the opportunities to learn and grow here. My position is not stagnant. I’m constantly tasked with new challenges that are making me realize my true potential. This is all possible because management is so supportive.

Q: You recently organised a “Movember” fundraising campaign. Tell us about that!

Chris: “Movember” is a global movement to raise awareness of men’s health issues. While at a previous company, someone organized a campaign for employees and it educated me to the point where I was empowered to contact my doctor and look after my own health. A lot of men don’t want to talk about these issues, it can be a scary experience. I wanted to ‘pay it forward’ when coming to Baxter and help raise awareness for others. Of course, Baxter colleagues jumped on board and had fun with it – it was brilliant. We had champions for each of our compounding sites in Dublin, saw lots of moustaches grown, had a virtual event with a men’s health nurse practitioner… and raised nearly 2,000 euros!