Nutritional Care

Nutritional Care

Clinical nutrition options, delivered with quality, precision and with safety in mind.

The information contained in this page is intended for Ireland healthcare professionals only.

Proper clinical nutrition can make all the difference to a patient who needs to regain and maintain their health. For more than 70 years, we've been assisting healthcare providers in treating patients' diverse nutrient needs, introducing one of the first liquid proteins in the form of amino acids. Today, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of products for acute and chronic patients who are unable to take adequate oral or enteral nutrition, or require supplemental nutrition.

Our global product portfolio includes ready-to-use premix parenteral nutrition (PN) in several nutritionally balanced formulations containing amino acids (proteins), glucose (carbohydrates), intravenous fat emulsions (lipids), and electrolytes, as well as vitamins and trace elements. When patients have more complex, individualised nutritional needs, we also provide pharmacy workflow management, labelling and compounding technology to support their unique needs. This combination helps ensure you have options to appropriately prescribe nutritionally balanced PN therapy to meet your patients' needs.

Advancing Global Nutritional Care


We provide a cohesive portfolio of innovative and accessible products and services that are designed for patients across the continuum of care. This ranges from preterm newborns to acutely ill patients and the chronically ill, and across healthcare settings, including the hospital, the ICU, and in the home.


Our product portfolio contains many of the essential ingredients necessary to create well-balanced formulations of a clinical nutrition regimen: protein, carbohydrates, lipids, electrolytes, trace elements and vitamins.



Research shows ready-to-use solutions may reduce the potential risk of medication errors and associated infections1. With our pharmacy technology the preparation process for bespoke prescriptions can be simplified.

Premature baby in mother's arms

Numeta G13%E Preterm
(glucose solution, lipid emulsion, paediatric amino acids, electrolytes)

Numeta G13%E Preterm is the only5 triple-chamber, licensed and terminally sterilised, ready-to-use IV nutrition system for preterm newborns.

Numeta G13%E Preterm is the only ready-to-use nutrition option available today to support the unique nutritional needs of preterm newborns. Numeta G13%E Preterm is formulated to follow the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) and The European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN)2,3,4 guidelines to meet neonatal nutritional needs. Numeta G13%E Preterm comes in Baxter’s ready-to-use system that simplifies your preparation process and helps reduce the potential risk of infection and dosing errors for patients1 with the appropriate delivery of protein, carbohydrates, lipids and electrolytes. Additional formulations of Numeta are available for term infants, toddlers, children and adolescents. 

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Featured Products

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Triomel Portfolio for Nutritional Care (glucose, calcium, lipid emulsion, amino acids & electrolytes)

The Triomel portfolio consists of five olive oil-based parenteral nutrition formulations designed to match the protein and energy needs of patients.  

Information on this page is intended for Ireland healthcare professionals only.