Supporting Diversity and Career Progression

Supporting Diversity and Career Progression

We take seriously our responsibilities as an employer, and take pride in our commitment to diversity and new approaches to working. We want new starters, and those on an established career path, to have access to Baxter’s opportunities. There are so many possibilities, and we're open to hearing new ideas from millennials through to those who have been here for 30 years or more. Experience is valued at every level.  

Gender IQ

Baxter is committed to creating connections with peers to improve collaboration and teamwork.  This is actively pursued through greater understanding of gender differences, gender biases and blind spots that can arise in the workplace and through identifying practical, impactful action steps to work together more effectively. 

Baxter Women in Leadership

In Ireland, Baxter supports initiatives to contribute towards making the work place an environment where men and women can flourish.  These include networks, support for individuals taking family breaks, sharing insights into how others have grown and developed their careers, workshops to build a variety of personal competencies, leadership courses, articles and research, peer to peer mentoring as well as partnering with external industry bodies on industry wide initiatives.